Mercury Retrograde May 18-June 11

The Mercury retrograde cycle is one of the most important cycles for any creative profession or small business.   It's four-part cycle marks an essential rhythm of business and personal communications.  Whatever else you do as part of your passionate profession, your healing work, or your retail or service business, communication is the heart of every customer or reader relationship.

You may think of the technology of your business as Uranus-ruled, but the message on even the most technical website is under Mercury's rule.   And so is every business transaction, ever contract, every personal conversation with the customer or reader, every greeting at a public event, and every phone call or trip you make in the course of your daily work.

The simplest description of Mercury's cycle is that it offers us approximately three months to stir up creative ideas, implement new projects, display our wares, show off our best stuff in public, and generally stir up all the fun and excitement we can imagine for our businesses (which are also, for most of us, our passions). 

Then Mercury goes retrograde and gives us three weeks to straighten the desk, rethink what didn't quite fulfill our expectations,  revise projects before we display them, and collect money people have "forgotten" to pay us.  

Think of Mercury's cycle as a feast:   Three months of cooking, decorating, preparing and celebrating, then three weeks to get the kitchen sparking and start planning for the next big event.

In addition, the complete four-part cycle outlines timing periods for planning and for repairing communication problems.  

I've been helping consulting and coaching clients with Mercury retrograde since 1976, and I've prepared a special free report to help you make the most of this interesting cycle.   I'll share the rules and the important dates in the cycle for the next year with you.  

This Special Report will help you:

  • Focus with laser attention on the exact steps to take during each phase of this four-part cycle.
  • Develop a strategic plan to use Mercury's cycle to enhance your own creative vision
  • Take the first steps to implement strategic plans to boost your income
  • Simplify your work by scheduling appropriate steps for each phase of Mercury's cycle
  • Find the support you need to master timing for yourself and your business.

As a certified financial astrologer, I've studied the Mercury cycle and its business impact in depth and written dozens of articles and blog posts about Mercury retrograde.   Here I'm gathering all the best ideas from nearly 40 years of studies and making the knowledge available for your business in easy to understand ways...even if you've never paid any attention at all to astrology in the past.

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